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So true. I just finished two of the best books I’ve read in awhile, back to back . . . and, now what? Perfect timing Christine Kloster Czerniejewski

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Well, you must tell is what they were!

First, I listened to both books and the readers were excellent. Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. I talked about this elsewhere. I loved this book. Second: The Book of Koli by. M.R.Carey. It was in my audible library and I can't remember how or why. Dystopian. Great narrative. Very unique. Excellent.

3 weeks ago
Pat Van Wie

Knowing I will probably get a millions ads for stuff, has anyone had any luck treating Tinnitus? ... See MoreSee Less

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The only treatment I've tried is living with it. 😒

I understand if one overdoses on barbiturates the noise goes away I am just used to mine However I can suggest a way to help reduce it Buy a decent set of ear cuff noise blockers and wear them for some hours per day

Oh how I wish I had a treatment!

If you come across a treatment, please be sure to share!

My older son got tinnitus as an aftereffect of his chemo. He says he's gotten used to it.

I've researched and if it isn't related to actual ear problems, then the best you can do is drug yourself silly. Or take behavioral modification to adjust to it. Charming, eh what? Oh, I might also mention that some drugs cause it, so take a look at that.

I've always had it. It never goes away, but sometimes it gets worse. Drinking a lot cranks it up.

I would check with your ENT for recommendations. Jim's right in that it never ends. Some days are better than others. I acquired that and hearing loss in the Navy. Hearing aids helped my hearing and I more or less got to the point where I don't hear the noise unless I concentrate on it. Check with that doc.

Depends on what started it. I damaged those little inner hairs with a used to it, never noticed if it was on or off, eventually, I think it went away. 30 years ago. Worth a trip to a really good ear specialist. Emphasis on REALLY good!

I find that wearing noise cancelling headphones for a few hours a day seem to help. Just muffling everything for a while, giving my ears a break. Mine also seems to be better when I get enough sleep. Learning to live with it also, sadly. There doesn’t seem to be any way to fight it. Relaxing in the face of it matters.

If I plug my ears with my thumbs by pushing at the front of the ear entry and, with two fingers on each hand, tap behind my ears more on the neck than the stops the noise pretty effectively

No. And yes, you will now be smothered with ads. LOL I Googled something about it last week and I have been awash in ads for CBD gummies that are 'guaranteed' to 'cure' it. LOL Which they don't, because I tried that 4 years ago. I have TMJ issues... it evolved from that.

My tinnitus is very mild, a blessing, and when I started wearing hearing aids, I am no longer aware of it while they’re in. I have the Bose noise canceling earbuds and I think using them might help.

Went round and round with our corrupt medical system yesterday . . . and I have 'great' insurance. Anyway, it's straightened out and now I can make an appointment. It shouldn't be this hard. 🙂 Oh, and I'm going to try using the noise-canceling earphones.

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