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Out of Reach – Now Available

I’m exited to announce my second eBook release.  Out of Reach, like Blind Run, was originally published by Ballantine Books in hardcover, then a year later, it came out in paperback.  Unlike Blind Run, however, Out of Reach is the … Continue reading

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Pat’s Street Team

Hi, All.  I just started a street team on Facebook. We call ourselves Pat’s Panthers.  Come check it out. Please like & share:

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Blind Run Released in eBook

I’m so excited to announce the release of by first eBook, Blind Run. This book originally came out in hardcover, then later in paperback. However, I’m not excited to make it available for the digital reader.  This is my first … Continue reading

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One Second After by William R. Forstchen

Apocalypse / post-apocalypse books are my favorite sub-genre of books. (If there was such a list, I’m sure I would have read most of the biggies. And no, Dystopian is not the same thing and does not count.) So, ONE … Continue reading

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How To Drive An Editor Crazy.

  Exclamation Points. Lose them!  New writers seem to love exclamation points.   Whenever I open a manuscript and spot a bevy of these little demons, I moan.  It’s a sure sign that the author is inexperienced. Now, will a plethora … Continue reading

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Techniques of the Selling Writer

One of my favorite books on writing is Techniques of the Selling Writer by Dwight Swain.  As most writing teachers will tell you, this is the bible for writing commercial fiction. It’s a valuable resource you’ll use throughout your writing … Continue reading

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The Passage by Justin Cronin

As all of you know, I’m a big reader. I always have about four or five books going at a time. Until one of them grabs me and hangs on. Currently, I’ve been caught by Justin Cronin’s THE PASSAGE. It’s … Continue reading

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