About Pat



Since you’re here, you probably found this site in one of various ways: from the back of one of my books (thank you for purchasing and reading it), from my Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or LinkedIn page, or from a Google search. And you may know me by one of my three pseudonyms (Pat Van Wie, Patricia Lewin, or Patricia Keelyn). However you got here, welcome and thanks for taking the time to see what I’m doing.

This site is dedicated to my suspense novels, all written under the Patricia Lewin pseudonym. They were originally released in hardcover by Ballantine Books and later came out in paperback.

Like a lot of authors with books published before the digital age, I recently got back the rights to these books, and I’m now releasing them in eBook format. Currently, tall three thrillers, Blind Run and both Erin Baker thrillers Out of Reach and Out of Time, are available  Currently (July 2017), I’m working on the third Erin Baker book, Out of the Woods.

Releasing these books has been so much fun. I’ll talk about it on my blog, so come on over and check it out. Meanwhile, explore the site and enjoy!

About Pat

Patricia Lewin is the pseudonym for author, editor, and writing teacher, Pat Van Wie.

Pat’s published eleven novels for three major publishers, including: Ballantine, Bantam, and Harlequin. Her last three books were hardcover suspense novels released under the pseudonym Patricia Lewin.

Pat also works as an editor and has taught writing workshops and classes in various formats and lengths around the country, including her local Community College.